About Me

I’m currently an Assistant Professor of English at Middle Georgia State University.


2014-PhD in British Literature, with a dissertation treating medieval debate poetry

“Argument In Poetry: (Re)Defining The Middle English Debate Poem In Academic, Popular, And Physical Contexts”

Marquette University

2010-MA in British Literature, Marquette University

2006-MA in Latin, with a thesis exploring the lyrics of Horace

“Beginnings, middles, and endings in Horace’s Odes”

University of Florida

2004- BA in Classics and English, St. Olaf College


Interests (not necessarily in this order):

Latin poetry

Roman culture and literature

Manuscript Studies

Middle English literature, especially poetry

Popular Culture, especially Terry Pratchett

History of the Book



Conference Presentations:

  • “Continuing Tradition and Creating Text: Old and New Auctores in Middle English Debate Poetry”- International Congress on Medieval Studies 2015, Kalamazoo, MI
  • “Physical Authority: An Investigation into the Influences of Marginalia in Reading Middle English Debate Poems”-Medieval Academy of America 2015, Notre Dame, IN
  • “Arguing With the City and the Country” – M/MLA Conference 2014, Detroit, MI
  • “An Exercise in Creative and Logical Arts, or The Middle English Debate Poem”-M/MLA Conference 2013, Milwaukee, WI
  • “Ownership and Obligation through the Ages: The Bodies Public and Private in Three Variations of Women Beware Women”- M/MLA Conference 2012, Cincinnati, OH
  • “The 4 Literary Sins of Terry Pratchett: Sunk by Satire?” –MPCA Conference 2011, Milwaukee, WI
  • “In Defense of Thyrsis: The Importance of the Poetic Loser in Virgil’s Eclogues”- CAMWS Conference 2008, Minneapolis, MN
  • “From Plants to Poets: Sequential Imagery in the Epilogue Odes in Horace’s First Three Books”- CAMWS Conference 2006, Gainesville, FL



Contact Info:


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