Cambridge University and a few Colleges

Cambridge University Libraries, Special Collections

Links to searching the collection, brief subject guides, and ‘image of the month’.

Special Collections blog (CUL)

Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

This page contains information on the library in general. Of particular interest is the Early Manuscripts link which contains access to the James catalogue, and names of other resources for using the collections.

Scribes and Paleography

Late Medieval English Scribes

This catalogue covers all the known hands in the manuscripts of major English authors of the late medieval period, including Gower, Chaucer, and Langland.

Introduction to Medieval Paleography (University of Leicester)

This site includes information for both medieval and early modern paleography. It also includes helpful bibliographical references.

Paleography basics from Stanford

A brief introduction to the discipline of paleography. This site is most useful for it’s list of basic resources, and includes some links.

Institute of Historical Research- London

This is an online tutorial for the basics of paleography. The paleography section is free, while others, including codicology, require a fee.

The National Archives tutorial

Another free tutorial in how to read manuscripts. This series requires some knowledge of medieval Latin.

Interactive Album Exercises

Another series of self-tutorials. Some of the text on this site is exclusively in French.

Medieval Studies University of British Columbia

In addition to links to paleographical resources, this site also includes links to other relevant topics.